Why Chiropractic care takes more than one visit.

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One of the most common complaints towards chiropractic is the perception that you have to keep coming back, and keep coming back–spending your hard earned money for care you “seemingly” don’t need. “My back pain went away, why do I need to come back in?” “I feel so much better. I’ll schedule the next time I feel bad.” These common comments and questions usually are voiced at the end of the initial appointment when patients are receiving their recommended care plan. So why DO you have to keep coming back after the aches and pains appear to stop? Well, let’s try to break this down.
A large amount of people own a vehicle, agreed? Now, there are two types of vehicle owners: those who schedule regular maintenance and those who wait until the check engine light comes on, then wait a week to see if the light goes off, then surprise, surprise, their car dies one day on the side of the road. So what’s the lesson to be learned here in regards to chiropractic?

Those that schedule regular maintenance for their vehicles may indeed have to invest a certain amount of money every so often, but they are staying ahead of any possible issues with their car. This prevents any “thousand dollar” surprises like a new transmission. For those who wait until they are standing on the side of the road calling AAA, yes, they may not have spent a dime on their car the last four months, but now they will have to pay up to $500+ for any needed car repairs. So who really win’s in the end?
The same goes for chiropractic. Once you start getting the frequent headaches, the sharp pain in your lower back, or the incessant throbbing ache in your shoulder, these aren’t the signs that a problem is just starting, this is your body’s “check engine light” coming on and telling you something isn’t right and hasn’t been for a while. So the next time someone tries to tell you to avoid the chiropractor, remember that you are investing in YOU. This is a holistic, non-pill popping way to get your body healthy and KEEP your body healthy without waiting until you have pain that you can’t function with. In the end, making chiropractic a regular part of your life can help you prevent many serious health issues and multiple trips to the medical doctor, therefore, saving you any unwanted “thousand dollar” surprises.

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