X-Rays…Are they Really Necessary for Chiropractors?

Chiropractor Dr. Brian talks about the necessity of getting x-rays. Every patient who starts treatment should be x-rayed, because the doctor should know what’s going on inside. The spine embodies the central nervous system, which holds every function in your body… Do you want that to be misaligned? Shnipper Chiropratic therapy Center: where a spine […]

Chiropractic Misconception

Dr. Brian Schnipper talks about one of the biggest misconceptions in the chiropractic industry- that Doctors simply “crack” backs and necks. Chiropractors look for misalignments in the spine that can cause outter physical (muscular) and also inner repercussions, and correct them to allow the body to opperate at 100%.

Chiropractic Information: the Pain-Problem Analogy

Chiropractor Dr. Brian Schnipper talks about another chiropractic misconception- that you should only visit a chiropractic therapist when you are in pain! You don’t visit the doctor only when you’re hurt, or the dentist only when you have a tooth missing; you visit these medical authorities for proactive and preventative measures. Chiropractic visits should be […]

Chiropractor Dr. Brian Schnipper Dispells Another Chiropractic Misconception

Chiropractor Dr. Brian Schnipper from Schnipper Chiropractic Center dispells another misconception about chiropractic services: that once you go once, you’ll have to go forever. If you want to live a better, healthy, pain free, natural life, then yes, you should be seeing a chiropractor regularly. Do you have to go every week- NO! Dr. Schnipper […]