Chiropractic Care Leads to Healthier Lifestyles for Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Chiropractic Support

Chiropractic care might not be a cure-all for treating breast cancer, but evidence is becoming more and more widely available that speaks of the benefits of this complementary, well-supported type of health care. When women undergo traditional or mainstream types of cancer treatments and therapies, their bodies go through a lot of stress. The biggest stress […]

Why Chiropractic care takes more than one visit.

chiropractic care, back adjustments

One of the most common complaints towards chiropractic is the perception that you have to keep coming back, and keep coming back–spending your hard earned money for care you “seemingly” don’t need. “My back pain went away, why do I need to come back in?” “I feel so much better. I’ll schedule the next time […]

Good Eating Habits Begin at Home

Healthy eating habits begin at home

While chatting with patients recently about their families’ meal schedules and eating habits, I noticed a disturbing pattern that’s worth writing about.  It has to do with kids and the way we’re teaching them to approach food.  Whether we call it “grab-and-go” or “fast food at home”, there are clear signs that our children are […]

Affordable Chiropractic Care at your fingertips…


One of the concerns patients have in our office is not the importance chiropractic plays in the health of all of our patients, new and old.  The concern is if or how they can afford long term care.  Chiropractic is not a one and done deal.  It takes dedication and commitment to change the structure […]