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One of the concerns patients have in our office is not the importance chiropractic plays in the health of all of our patients, new and old.  The concern is if or how they can afford long term care.  Chiropractic is not a one and done deal.  It takes dedication and commitment to change the structure of the spine.  When you bring your child to the orthodontist they help to change the structure of your child’s teeth to reach overall wellness of their teeth, mouth and gums.  When the orthodontist states the time it takes, which is usually 2-3 years, then states the cost, which could range from $6,000-$7,000, the parent usually has no problem either paying in full or making payments throughout the course of the child’s care.

Teeth and vertebra are made of the same structure, bone.  So why wouldn’t a parent, for themselves or their child, pay for long term chiropractic care to increase their chances of living a healthier lifestyle?  It’s all in the value of the product.  You can see your teeth, but you can’t see your spine.  So most people feel the teeth are more important and will do anything to have them looking great.  In reality, the spine is 100 times more important than your teeth, and keeping your spine healthy not only keeps YOU feeling great but keeps you healthy naturally.

So, the question becomes, if you understand the VALUE that chiropractic plays in the wellness model of health care then why wouldn’t you whip out that wallet and pay for this care?  Well here in our office we have introduced a way to pay for your care without it being costly and difficult.

We have introduced Care Credit as a way for you to enjoy your chiropractic program as well as other programs including our massage club, acupuncture, physiotherapy and nutritional supplementation.  It is a health care credit card that allows the patient to pay for all services monthly until you complete your health care program or reach your health care goals.

Care Credit allows you to make small monthly payments without penalties for late payments and there is no interest if you pay off your balance by a designated time.  Even better, Care Credit has nothing to do with your credit.  Everybody is accepted for the amount that they choose.  Then you make monthly payments until you pay off the balance with no interest.

Another benefit of Care Credit is that when you begin your Care Credit program with us you can use your card at your veterinarian, dentist, eye doctor or any other physician that accepts Care Credit.

We are doing everything we can to ensure our patients that they will not only receive amazing care with a fresh, newly, remodeled office and a friendly staff, but we are now offering great ways to pay for your care to help all of our patients attain the amazing results we all strive for, optimum health.  Call Kathy at our Wellington/Greenacres office today for more info 561-967-5900 and we hope to see you soon!!!

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