Meet the Team








Dr. Brian Schnipper

Dr. Brian Schnipper was born on September 18, 1968 in Brooklyn, NY.  In July, 1978 his family made the move to South Florida.  He graduated Coconut Creek High School in 1986 and then graduated from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida in 1990.  After he graduated FSU he took a 6 month sabbatical when he decided to head up to Atlanta, Georgia to study chiropractic at Life College in Marietta.  On September 18, 1995, his 27th birthday, and the 100th birthday of chiropractic, he graduated with a degree in chiropractic, and he was headed home to begin his career as a chiropractic physician.  He began his journey in October, 1996 with Dr. Paula Hedglon in Pompano Beach, Florida.  He spent a year with Dr. Paula perfecting his adjusting skills and philosophy when he decided it was Palm Beach County where he wanted to settle.  In January, 1997 his journey continued at Central Palm Beach Physicians in West Palm Beach, Florida.  After three years Dr. Schnipper made the decision it was time to open his own practice.  He found his location, built out his office, and on May 1, 2000 Schnipper Chiropractic Center opened its doors.  12 years later Schnipper Chiropractic Center is still going strong with powerful and positive energy and the philosophy that a fully functional and healthy nervous system is key to a healthy lifestyle without the use of unnecessary drugs and surgeries.  With a great staff Dr. Schnipper has been able to help educate our communities and help change the world, one spine at a time.  Dr. Schnipper married Jenn in July, 2010, and on September 17, 2010 they gave birth to their first beautiful little boy Matthew.  21 months later on June 2, 2012 they gave birth to their second beautiful little boy, Bradley.  They reside in Wellington.






Kathy Walker

Kathy Walker began her journey with Dr. Schnipper in September, 2000.  After meeting for the first time they both had a synergy together, and they knew one day they would work together.   Five months after meeting Dr. Schnipper, and since Schnipper Chiropractic Center was growing exponentially, an insurance billing and collection system was needed.  Fortunately for Dr. Schnipper Kathy was still available, and in February, 2001 Kathy joined Dr. Schnipper permanently and has been with him ever since.  Kathy had years of experience in billing and collections as she managed an OB/GYN practice for many years as well as running their insurance department.  Not only is Kathy responsible for billing and collections, but she also manages the office for Dr. Schnipper which allows him to focus on keeping patients healthy as she makes sure the office runs smoothly.   Kathy has been married to Lloyd for over 20 years.  They have two beautiful children Justin, 17, and Olivia, 15, and they reside in Palm Springs.






Debbie joined Schnipper Chiropractic Center in 2004 after many years in private practice.  She came with years of experience in not only massage therapy, but she is also a licensed esthetician.  At the time she met Dr. Schnipper she was employed at The Sanctuary Spa that was located a few doors down from Schnipper Chiropractic Center.  When they met they knew they had chemistry, and the decision was easy to join Dr. Schnipper in his quest to help educate the community on the benefits of alternative health care through chiropractic and massage therapy.  Deb’s warm heart and soft hands allow to touch her patients with passion and energy that makes her second to none in the field of massage therapy.  Her philosophy that healing comes from within made her jump to Schnipper Chiropractic Center an easy one, and she has been an amazing team player for 8 years with many more to come.  Deb resides in Boynton Beach.